Dedicated to the elegant and sophisticated man.

The House of Bertino & Olivier was born from the alliance of two shoes enthusiasts.
As a true craftman, Olivier combines 10 years of unique expertise and his wild creativity. This self-taught artist designs patinas daily, each one more original than the last as each pair of shoes is unique, just like its owner.
Bertino is a businessman whose passion for shoes led him to start this innovative and singularly modern collaboration.

Together, they managed to create a full world for the elegant and modern man.

Thanks to their patinas, handpainted not only on shoes, but also on exclusive leather goods, ties, belts and even on watch straps.
Bertino & Olivier is about true product culture.

From patina shoes to a Diplomate bag, the emphasis is on the purity of line. Discover this French fashion house, few steps away from Paris Etoile, and its workshop located within the store.

Experiencing Bertino & Olivier is about succumbing to temptation of luxury for yourself.

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